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New label launches with debut CD from French Band DJAZIL

France has long been a country friendly to the Jazz arts. It should come as no surprise then that the scene in major cities like Paris is just as vibrant as that of other international centers.  Hailing from in and around the Ile-de-France, Djazil is a quintet that not only sports a driving groove but also several fine composers. In the tradition of Jaco Pastorius, they have brought an unlikely instrument into the Jazz constellation:  the steel pan (drum).  Played expertly by Mathieu Borgne, the sound is captivating.  Rather than creating the usual calypso vibe, the pan is the lead singer of the group and commands attention as a lyrical voice. Piano (Jonathan Jurion) and guitar (Cédric Baud) provide both complex rhythms and stunning solos while the groove is maintained by the bass (Théresè Henry) and drums (Lukmil Perez).  There could hardly have been a better way to inaugurate the Hot Shoe Worldwide effort to enable great Jazz artists from around the world to be heard!


Front to back:  Mathieu Borgne, Théresè Henry, Jonathan Jurion, Lukmil Perez, Cédric Baud.




While Jazz is "America's Music", it has been embraced as an art form in almost every corner of the globe. Every day, new practitioners join established veterans in expressing their life experiences through this musical genre. Hot Shoe Worldwide is dedicated to making a permanent record of significant artists wherever they may be found.

Latest release brings new directions in Jazz, Rock and Hip Hop

"As long as I've known Russell Gunn I've known him to be a musician of bold vision - an inspiring figure in the World of music who has never been defined by anybody or anything other than what lies in his heart. His passion for art has pushed him down the road of honest discovery and exploration. When faced with the choice of following or being followed he chooses the latter, racing down the route of wonderment and the unknown. Now we are a better music community as a result. I have always been a fan and admirer of Russell's musical mind - a mind that knows no limits and has no fear. Wayne Shorter once told me "It takes courage to be happy” and I've always looked at Russell as a musician who has the courage give us something different. Something unique and personal.

'Elektrik Funeral' follows the expectations I've always had when learning of a new recording coming from Russell. A daring honest look at where his mind is at that moment of creativity. A journey of fearlessness that guides both listener and player to new experiences.  An audacious mixing of worlds and cultures without a concern for calamity.  In other words, a real artist with something to say. An artist blazing a path for others to learn and grow from. A true leader in the same way Miles had no fear and relished the unknown which consequently gave us so many classic recordings. Russell is of the same mold in that he's his own person, answering only to himself. I love the hard hitting raw energy of his musical ideas. It's as if he has displayed rage and anger in a thoughtful manner. "

Terence Blanchard