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Enjoy the contemporary sound of Djazil!  Based in Paris, France this group of talented musicians and composers create a complex tapestry of melodies and rhythms imprinted on a classic improvisational jazz form. A unique aspect is added by the use of the steel-pan as a lead instrument.

PLAYERS:  Mathieu Borgne (steel-pan), Cédric Baud (guitar), Thérèse Henry (bass), Jonathan Jurion (piano), Lukmil Perez (drums)

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1. Mes Amis  Click to play

2. Louisa  Click to play

3. Moustic'Air   Click to play

4. Mazik   Click to play

5. Les Pied Nus   Click to play

6. C'pa   Click to play

7. Pastis   Click to play

8. Swirl   Click to play

9. Cerf Volant   Click to play

10. Touchatou   Click to play

11. Tropicano   Click to play

12. Faut y Croire   Click to play

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