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If one were attempting to design a prototype for the quintessential contemporary musician, Russell Gunn is the model. Having developed his music from a wide variety of musical influences, Gunn weaves together elements of Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop into an adventurously progressive jazz style that pays tribute to its tradition while also extending the form.

Already acknowledged as a major talent, Russell Gunn's  resume includes two Grammy-nominated solo projects, A Pulitzer Prize in music for “Blood On The Fields”  with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Cee Lo Green’s first solo projects “Perfect Imperfections” and “Soul Machine”, Maxwell “Unplugged”, Lou Reed “Set The Twilight Reeling”, Branford Marsalis’ “Music Evolution” and horn arrangements and world tours with D’Angelo’s “Voodoo” tour and Ne-Yo’s “Year Of The Gentleman” tour. 

Gunn’s latest musical adventure is the result of a solid year of planning: a new ensemble that incorporates improvisation over the base of Heavy Metal - inspired by the work of the Brecker Brothers “Heavy Metal Bebop” and the music of the classic Black Sabbath lineup. Russell Gunn & Elektrik Butterfly are a new force on the music scene. “Elektrik Funeral” is a collection of new and fresh takes on classic Black Sabbath material. Special guests include Robert Glasper, Andre Hayward, Branford Marsalis and the legendary James Brown and Funkadelic horn man Fred Wesley. Featured tracks include gritty and intricate arrangements of “Lord of This World”, “Electric Funeral”, “War Pigs”, “Hand Of Doom” and “WASP/Behind The Wall of Sleep".

Russell Gunn (trumpet, fluegelhorn)
Phil Davis (keyboards)
Ede Wright (guitar)
Kevin Scott (bass)
Che Marshall (drums)

With special guests:

Robert Glasper
Andre Hayward
Branford Marsalis
Fred Wesley

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