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Ted Howe’s new CD, PINNACLE, featuring his 13-piece jazz orchestra, showcases his strength as a melodist and his broad knowledge and command of many diverse musical traditions. With its beautiful melodies, rich textures, highenergy, and virtuosic performances, this recording is intense and exciting while remaining highly accessible. Howe’s compositions touch on a wide range of styles, including swing, funk, and Latin, among others. The many time signature changes catch the listener by pleasant surprise. Howe’s harmonization technique employs more of a horizontal, linear approach commonly used in classical music. Howe states, “These pieces aren’t just about the music; they’re also about the instruments, the varied combinations of sound they make, and how great musicians can rise to just about any challenge and take the music to new and exciting places.”


All compositions and arrangements by Ted Howe

Conducted by Steve Dancz

Ted Howe piano (2, 6)
Geoff Hayden piano, Rhodes (1, 3, 4, 5, 7)
John Patitucci acoustic & electric bass (Solo 1, 7)
Marlon Patton drums
Jose “Bam Bam” Ramirez percussion
Don Baraszu acoustic & electric guitar
Sam Skelton flute, Bb & Eb clarinet, soprano, alto
   sax (Solo 7)
Don Erdman clarinet, tenor sax
Seth Kuehn baritone sax, bass clarinet
Mike Barry trumpet, flugelhorn
Lester Walker trumpet, flugelhorn (Solo 2, 5)
Melvin Jones trumpet, flugelhorn
Wes Funderburk trombone
Tom Gibson trombone
Andy Martin trombone (1, 1st Solo)
Francisco Torres trombone (1, 2nd Solo)

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